Neal Crawford

FPGA Design Engineer

SF Bay Area



Sunnyvale, CA

FPGA Design Engineer

Nov 2021

Infineon Technologies

Milpitas, CA

Senior Apps. Engineer

March - Nov 2021

RefleXion Medical

Hayward, CA

Firmware Engineering Intern

June 2020 - Feb 2021

FPGA Engineering Intern

Summer 2019

Teaching Assistant

Spring & Fall 2019


• Designed with teammate and implemented on Arm Cortex-M4 MCU. Produces sinusoid and triangle wave output
• Values calculated in real time using fixed point notation at a rate of 48 ksps. Samples transferred to DAC through DMA to reduce processor load. Uses the µC/OS RTOS
• Utilizes touch sensors on development board to adjust amplitude, and keypad to adjust frequency up to 10 kHz

• Designed a 16-bit CPU from scratch in Verilog, with proper operation verified through simulation and tested on a Xilinx Artix-7 FGPA
• Created custom instruction set of 11 instructions and an accompanying assembler
CPU signals in Vivado simulation

• Designed and built a USB powered audio amplifier consisting of a boost converter, virtual ground circuit, and audio op-amp in a non-inverting configuration. Schematic and board designed in Eagle
• Soldered surface-mount and through-hole components to a custom-made PCB
Desktop amplifier PCB Photo of assembled desktop amplifier Desktop amplifier schematic

• All portions of project designed in Verilog and implemented on Xilinx Artix-7 development board. Including keyboard input, graphics, and game logic
• Keyboard input decoded and de-bounced to control game, graphics displayed over VGA. Proper timing and operation of modules verified in simulation with their own testbenches


Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA

B.S. Electrical Engineering

June 2020